Ooey Gooey Royal Bibingka - Banana Vegan Recipe

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

A scent evokes nostalgia. It can transport you to your favorite memory, bringing you back to a specific time and place. That’s what Royal Bibingka does for me. The crispy edges and the ooey gooey center just melt in your mouth. When the buttery cake bakes in the oven, the edges cook into a caramelized crust, and the coconut flakes roast, releasing an aroma of buttery caramel pancakes. I remember when the sweet scent of Bibingka would fill my house as my mother would bake it for my birthday. Sometimes I would look forward to having Bibingka rather than my own birthday cake. Bibingka will forever remind me of home, my family, and all the amazing parties they would host.

When I started performing drag I wanted a name that connected me with my Filipino heritage-Bibingka immediately came to mind. Yet most Americans were unfamiliar with Bibingka, so I called my mom for the recipe and started baking this cake for my shows. I would introduce my drag name by feeding this dessert to the audience. I wasn't surprised to find that the cakes were an instant hit. I was so compelled to share this with my community and fans, and began to sell these delicious rice cakes, derived and modified from my family recipe, at local New York Pop-up events. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the US, everything shutdown and we had to go into lock