Filipino Pancit Canton Bihon Recipe

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Pancit, also spelled pansít, is a traditional noodle dish in Philippine cuisine. There are numerous types of pancit recipes depending on the method of cooking and the place of origin. My favorite is the one my mother makes, pancit canton with sotanghon noodles. It's more common to use bihon noodles, but sotanghon absorbs the sauces better and has a jelly like texture, which I prefer. Canton noodles are yellow flour base, which is similar to what is used in Chinese chow mien. Sotanghon is a mung bean base noodle, which is also the same as vermicelli noodles, and bihon is a rice flour base noodle.

Pancit is another one of those dishes that reminds me of home. It's a Filipino staple and every family has their own version. My mother would make this for all of our family celebrations, events, and occasionally for dinner. Her recipes are honestly the best and would get passed down through our family. This dish is so easy to make and I want to help my generation get in touch with their roots by offering a kit with easy to follow instructions.

The noodle pack I chose for my kit is called miki bihon, which is a combo pack of two different noodles. Miki in the Ilocos Region is known to be an egg based noodle, it's usually thick flat broad shaped noodle. This pack has a yellow wheat flour base noodle which resembles canton noodles. The noodles pack is prominently Bihon base which I thought would be perfect for the kit.